Chapter Committees

Awards — The Awards Committee plans, budgets, organizes, and implements an effective program to assure that all national and Chapter awards are fulfilled.   Solicits nominations for National awards from Executive Board, committees, and members. 
Community Relations — The Community Relations Committee ensures that the Board builds strong and strategic relationships with stakeholders through the integration of the Chapter’s education, public relations, and public policy activities. 
Finance — The Finance Committee considers the financial resources and obligations of the Chapter, establishes budgets, and provides recommendations on financial matters for the benefit of the Executive Board and membership. 
Grants — The Grants Committee coordinates programs and events to further the interests and goals of the Chapter and its members by providing grants to cover them. 
Program —The Program Committee selects topics and speakers for bi-monthly programs and special events in order to provide information on topics of interest to Chapter members and the community.  Recruits members to service on the committee.  Assists members of the committee as needed or requested.   
Membership — The Membership Committee considers and recommendations on membership recruitment and retention, or the admission of prospective members.  The committee develops strategic plans on membership recruitment, retention, and reactivation of prospective members. 
Newsletter — The Newsletter Committee solicits, prepares, and distributes articles for the Chapter’s newsletter. The committee consists of an Editor, who serves as the chairperson, the Assistant Editor, and other members as appointed.  
Nomination — The committee recommends candidates for the offices of the Chapter. Only those members who are in good financial standing will be permitted to nominate, vote and run for offices.  Members are elected by the membership.   
Special Projects — The Special Projects Committee plans and organizes fundraising efforts to provide funds to pay for Chapter’s events. The Chair and Committee work on a variety of projects related to history and genealogy. 
Social Media and Public Relations — (1) This Social Media Committee oversees the primary social media outlets (i.e., Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook).  The chairperson serves as a coordinator to help outline content for this committee and to outline responsibilities of each of the committee members.  The content produced by this committee must be approved by the President and/or Board prior to posting materials. 
(2) The Public Relations committee creates and implements plans to tell the Chapter's story to the public and promotes their programs, events, and activities. The Committee seeks to maintain a positive image of the Chapter in the community by planning for and monitoring public relations and publicity activities. The committee works on a variety of projects. 
Website — The Website Committee is headed by a Webmaster.  The Webmaster creates and manages the content and organization of the Chapter’s website.  In addition, the Webmaster manages the computer server and technical programming aspects of the Chapter’s website.  Changes to the website must be approved by the Executive Board and/or Officers.