Member Publications

  • Images of America Series

    Fort Washington, Maryland

    AAHGS-PGCM members, Nathania A. Branch Miles, Jane Taylor Thomas, and Beverly Babin Woods worked together to author this photographic view of Fort Washington in Prince George’s County, MD.$21.99

  • Black America Series

    Prince George’s County, Maryland

    AAHGS-PGCM members, Carolyn Corpening Rowe, Jane Taylor Thomas, and Beverly Babin Woods worked together to author this photographic view of Prince George’s County, MD, 1950 to the present.$21.99

  • The Inventive Spirit of African Americans

    Patented Ingenuity

    In this important study, former United States primary patent examiner Patricia Carter Sluby pays homage to the inventive spirit of African Americans. Beginning with the contributions of enslaved Africans brought to American shores, Sluby introduces inventors and patent holders from all fields up to and including the leading edge of today’s technology. Along with such recognizable figures as George Washington Carver and Madam C. J. Walker, readers will discover little-known or forgotten pioneers of devices such as a tobacco substitute, a home security system, and a portable heart monitor. Particular attention is given to the innovations of women inventors and scientists.$40 plus S&H, for more information contact Patricia Carter Sluby or visit .

  • The Messman Chronicles

    African Americans in the U. S. Navy, 1932-1943

    Despite racial discrimination and second-class status within the enlisted corps, the U.S. Navy�s mess attendants, officer�s cooks, and stewards compiled a proud legacy of combat service in World War II. For this first major study of the subject, AAHGS-PGCM member, Richard E. Miller draws on a wealth of previously untapped primary documents and more than forty oral history interviews that he conducted. $32.95, Naval Institute Press

  • Analysis of Slave Data

     Excerpted from the Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Virginia 1653 to 1812

    Since slaves held non-citizen status, extant early vital records seldom include data on these individuals. It is indeed fortunate that The Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Virginia, 1653-1812 contains such information. AAHGS-PGCM member, Paul E. Sluby, Sr., C.G. extracted the information and provided an in-depth analysis of the historical and genealogical information therein. $28.00

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